Friday, July 22, 2011

One day in the world

 Aziraphale and Crowley from the great and awesome Good Omens.

 I saw this funny looking dude on YouTube, and because I am freaky like that, I drew him.
 We started watching Supernatural some time ago. It's... awesome <3

 Kiril ain't even mad~

 Kiril is the cutest kitty u3u  I actually have few more of these in my sleve, I just need to draw them.

 Samuel (the little dude at the bottom of the page) is half human, half forest spirit kind of thing. And Sam's mom likes to remember him. Sam doesn't want to hear.

 Pretty hoodoo-woodoo-shaman-witch-mommy <3
 We saw Kung Fu Panda 2, and it was great. God, those movies are great <3 But anyway, I wanted to draw the characters as humans. So, Viper and some random chick.
 Po and Tigress! Tigress is my favourite, she's so badass <3
 PONIES. Ponies are always awesome.

 Yeah. Potter. Never will get over the fact that the series is officially over, now that the last movie came out. I don't like the movies, but it still made my cry like a baby. So, after that, I decided to draw my faves, Sirius and Remus <3 Also, Draco, who is really cool too, is here too, but I am not happy with how he turned out. I have to re-draw him >:I
 So, Sam is a son of a witch, he is a witch himself. Because of that, he has (is) probably smoked some leaves and herbs in his life. To communicate with spirits and stuff.

 I swear to god, Kiril is the smallest thing on Earth.
 The triooo~ And what they are for. They make a pretty nasty team <3

 Proper profiles~ On the left there's Woo's Raven, Kwii's Aiden and my Samuel. This is actually first design of Sam, I later dropped the cheek tattoos.

 They hunt monstahs!

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  1. I'm sorry my comments are always like this but ASDFGHJKL<3<3<3 SUPERNATURAL !

    I also love the ponies like crazy.