Saturday, January 29, 2011

Everybody Wants To Be Me

 Random girl. Though, she might be one of the side characters of small idea of mine. We'll see, we'll see.
 People with fishbowls! These were inspired by Clive Barker's gorgeous book "Abarat", where he mentions in one sentence that Candy walks by a beautiful woman with a fishbowl as a hat, or something like that. I took that idea bit further, and these people are born with the fishbowls attached to their head and brain, and the fisbowls holds inside a anthromorphication of their deepest and darkest secret 83
 Random thingies, execpt that dude on the left, he might be someting.
 Woodoo's characters Nine, Pantzer and Lorenzo. They're so CUTE <3
Maddox, and me practically saying "Fucking Maddox looks like chinese". I don't like drawing my older characters.
 Some futuristic cop/guard and The Librarian. He is also maybe part of that small idea. Maybe.
Meet Anthony "Tony" Pancamo! He is tattooist for a huge mafia family, and he is calm blue ocean <3

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Darth Vader

 Drawing Nikita after a long time was quite a challenge. I seemed to forgot how to draw him D: Oh well, that's fixed now!
 Arrox is maybe a new turian OC. Just.. Drawing stuff. But I like him.
 I just finished Chris Woodings two 'Ketty Jay' books, "Retribution Falls" and "The Black Lung Captain" which were AWESOME books. I really recommend them. And since I really liked the characters of the book, I drew some fanart.
 Rest of the crew. Minus the cat and Bess.
 Then I decided I wasn't too happy with the first drawings of the crew, I started over. Though, I had to also draw Trinica Dracked, who I hate to love and love to hate. Frey has my approval .
 My favourite characters, Crake and Silo <3 And yes, I totally ship it.
 Malvery is cool too, and Bess is awesome, though her story breaks my heart ;_;
 Peter-Marie poses.
 After seeing Tron: Legacy, I've been a bit Daft Punk high. So, hence the fanart. I just love the robot alter ego thing they have <3 So awesome.
And then some expression, inspired by ever so talented tracyjb. I got insanely frustrated how static my characters faces are (I draw the same expression all over again) so I decided to practice a bit.
 I really should someday spent a day just drawing the "chin up" angle. It's seriously killing me everytime I draw it! I need to master it. I have to!
 And this page is ugly as hell. I hate it. I absolutely LOATHE it. And this page also made me realize that I do not really like my characters right now.
 Except for Gordon, who is so manly and awesome <3 And Dorian (the blond guy) is awesome too <3 Though, he is property of woodooferret U3U
And here are all of my main game characters. Noel from Fallout 3, Nova from Mass Effects and Vasja from Dragon Age Origins. Vasja's information is lacking because I have played the DAO about... two or three hours? I just.. haven't got the grasp of it. My problem with it? First of all, it seems that mages doen't fight with weapons. Magic is great and everything, but I would be glad that my character would be able to HIT something. And for the second: high fantasy. Fantasy is great, few years back it was my favourite genre of all, but now I am more of a scifi fan. 

And that would be all for now, see you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cry me a river

 Newest addition to my OC crew, Axis. I don't know about the story, or setting or anything, but maybe some sort of steam punkish thingies. Dunno. We'll see~

And this is Axis' friend, Mr Ashley. He doesn't have first name yet, but soon he will. He is awesome and cool <3

 And yes. They are romantically involved at some point of the story U3U
 And then I listened some Lady Gaga. More specifically, "Bad Romance" and "Monster", which probably are two of my favourite songs from her.
 Me and my roommate have sort of an tradition to watch Nightmare Before Christmas just before christmas, and we realised that neither of us have ever drawn any fanart of the movie, even though we absolutely love it. So, while watching it, I decided to draw some fanart.
 Dragonss~ I've been "dragon high" for a while now. So, there will be more, I think.
 More Gaga inspired things.
 I got Blacksad 4 for a christmas present, and because it is simply awesome comic, I wanted to draw fanart off it too! But because I really can't draw furries (atleast, not very good ones), I decided to try to draw them as humans. I'm not entirely satisfied on Blacksad, but I quite like Weekly.
And there's two random people on top of the page.
 More people from Blacksad~

 Sorry about the Finnish, but I just had to show these. Me and my siblings are sooo smart at times U3U
 Tried to draw some different ethnicities. African american, asian and indian. Maybe?
 And as I said, I've been high on dragons lately. I just finished reading Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon, which was indeed a good book. I must read all of them, yesyes. This is not fanart of it, it's just random dude with his random dragon. And I actually wanted the dragon to be whole lot of bigger, but it seems that I just couldn't draw it big enough.