Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Huge update!

I have a huge amount of pictures for you! I forgot to upload the last batch, and so, you will have whole lot more than I intented to.

Griffins! I used to draw these whole lot more, but then forgot about then. Then I went to see Hellcorpceo's
gallery, and was excited yet again.  

 ISN'T SHE CUTE?! I wanted to draw a snowy owl griffin, and it ended up lookin so goddamn cute ;w; Emma is such a sweet heart, nice to everyone, and you can't hate her.

More character desings. I love the way the man looks. He's so pathetic XD He's sort of an teacher, and he has zero control over his students. Petronia on the otherhand is strong willed and smart character, and Emma's best friend.

I had that "scene" in my mind, and I just had to draw it out of my system. I don't know why she's crying or anything, it just... popped in to my mind. 

Random characters. Tried more difficult pose.

Maybe a new turian OC. Who knows.

Wanted to try markers after a while. In a way I like this alot, but in a way I don't like it at all. I'm so confused with this one. It sort of saddens me, that I like more digital painting than colouring traditionally. Sketching traditionally is still my favourite way of drawing, but digital colouring is just way easier than  markers.

My Dragon Age Origins character, elf mage Vasja. 

Alieeens <3 I love aliens. And I've always wanted to draw creatures, and now I finally feel like I have the talent to draw them.

 Random thingies, and more aliens!

Outfit and character desings. This is the first sketch of Ekla, whom you've seen in the earlier posts.

Turian picture is a sketch for my christmas picture for DA.


I watched this gorgeous Faerie art book at the bookstore on the other day, and really wanted to draw some faeries. Managed to draw one :D

Kiril is mommy's special little boy <3

Ugly person, and my Fallout 3 character Noel, missing his glasses and having a crooked head.

And that's all.