Monday, October 3, 2011

May the Odds Ever Be On Your Favor

 Human version of Fluttershy! I've wanted to do human!ponies for a while, but so far Rarity and Fluttershy have been only ones to reach this state. But they are my favourites u3u

 I've been watching a lot of Silverfang and been nodtalgia high because of it. And I love doing human versions of things (no kidding?!), soooo. Yes. I like cross, Ben is hideous and I'm not entirely sure about Smith.
 Gin and John. Johnnnn <3
 I read Hunger Game -trilogy and loved it. And Katniss is awesome. And she has no hands.
 Kiril expressions~~

 Kiril is like a sun. He is that speshiaal <3

 Long time no see Maddox!
 And that would be me.

 Paris is my speshul little babeh <3 I love him so.

 Me as Ravenclaw student (got sorted in to Ravenclaw in Pottermore). And my wand is larch, unicorn core and 14½ inches.

 And then finally Rarity~