Monday, October 25, 2010


It's been a while! I had some technical problems with my computer, so I had to use my roommates laptop. Anyway, now I have acces to my pictures, so UPDATE!

Sort of study of my characters eye and noses. And then some mouth.

 Here I tried to figure out how roses work.
Sleepy Maddox is sleepy, and character designs.

 More character design.
 Wild Hans Landa appears! This was a request, I should put this to DA also..

 Dress designs for my sister.
 Request from Woo. Thomas <3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let me entertain you

New character, Darren. He is.. Darren :I

Few of my characters have dogs, so I decided to draw them (and we had been watching dog related programs entire evening with my roomie). So, Melbourne, Adam and Gordon's doggiewoggies <3

Randon mister Fancypants.

Mmyes, I'm still a bloody idiot. <3.

Another new characters. This guy has no name >: Yet.

First sketches of him.

Melbourne and his STUPID pooch.

 Darren and mister Nameless are cool, magical and BFFs!
Practicing head angles. Haaaard ;__;

Randon rock chick

 Character designs. And then the page ended too soon.

Maddox <3 And some epic song titles.

Ugly page is ugly.

Thanks for looking! Next update will be probably early next week, since I'm traveling to my parents place for a weekend, and scanner there is a sad little thing, and I think I will be drawing alot. See you then!