Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now I only want you gone

THIS POST IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK. So keep children, parents, co-workers and other odd creature away~~

 I adore Katy Perry's music video E.T. (and the song, without Kanye West), and her make up on the video. So, I made this. Alien and his army general husband. Because I do have a soft spot for human/alien love stories U_U
 Because Supernatural is love, and Castiel <3 He's my favourite <3
 Solinus and Kiril.
 Aaaaaand then some.
 Because Kiril is the cutest thing ever <3
 And Paris! Paris was a normal kid once, but at 18, he went cuckoo.
 More Paris. Because he is cool <3
 And Paris with Judas!
 And then some some, my little voodoohoodoowitch~~

 Sam and his mother are cool~~

 So, the thing is, that Raven (with freckless) sees things and Sam here can't go inside to a house, if not invited. It causes some issues :D
And then some Supernatural~~