Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spit it out

My take on turian females. I think BioWare confirmed that this 'look' will be the canon look of the turian female. I think it's okay. Not the way I imagined it would be, but it's good enough :3
 Kiril and my first attempt of drawing krogan! Not hald bad I say. Used Wrex as a reference though. These pictures weren't ment to 'go together', but they just.. did u_u
 I watched Avatar extras today, and felt like drawing Na'vis.

 I re-designed Maddox a bit. He looks more boyish now, and also got rid of that stupid emo hair of his. Though, this new hair isn't that faraway from emo hair either XD
 Cuddling and Adam.
 We went to see Burlesque on the other day, and was inspired by the movie's visuals. The movie itself was okay, but it was sure pretty!
 Up next, lot of character designs!

 Interrupted my me as a My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic version XD

 I should doodle more with ballpoint pen, it's sort of liberating. And it's one of my favourite medias!
 These two are also character designs. They are called 'twins', eventhough they are not related to eachoter.
 More new!Maddox.
 Pete and new!Maddox. Girly hips are still there X3
 This is supposed to be a Tangled fan art (loved the movie, btw <3), but I am really NOT happy with it.
 Andrew Garfiel inspired me to do this character! His information was up there *points to earlier pics*.
 And because MLP - FiM is awesome show, I wanted to draw our mafiosos as ponies.
Few are missing, but I will do them later U3U