Monday, October 3, 2011

May the Odds Ever Be On Your Favor

 Human version of Fluttershy! I've wanted to do human!ponies for a while, but so far Rarity and Fluttershy have been only ones to reach this state. But they are my favourites u3u

 I've been watching a lot of Silverfang and been nodtalgia high because of it. And I love doing human versions of things (no kidding?!), soooo. Yes. I like cross, Ben is hideous and I'm not entirely sure about Smith.
 Gin and John. Johnnnn <3
 I read Hunger Game -trilogy and loved it. And Katniss is awesome. And she has no hands.
 Kiril expressions~~

 Kiril is like a sun. He is that speshiaal <3

 Long time no see Maddox!
 And that would be me.

 Paris is my speshul little babeh <3 I love him so.

 Me as Ravenclaw student (got sorted in to Ravenclaw in Pottermore). And my wand is larch, unicorn core and 14½ inches.

 And then finally Rarity~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now I only want you gone

THIS POST IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK. So keep children, parents, co-workers and other odd creature away~~

 I adore Katy Perry's music video E.T. (and the song, without Kanye West), and her make up on the video. So, I made this. Alien and his army general husband. Because I do have a soft spot for human/alien love stories U_U
 Because Supernatural is love, and Castiel <3 He's my favourite <3
 Solinus and Kiril.
 Aaaaaand then some.
 Because Kiril is the cutest thing ever <3
 And Paris! Paris was a normal kid once, but at 18, he went cuckoo.
 More Paris. Because he is cool <3
 And Paris with Judas!
 And then some some, my little voodoohoodoowitch~~

 Sam and his mother are cool~~

 So, the thing is, that Raven (with freckless) sees things and Sam here can't go inside to a house, if not invited. It causes some issues :D
And then some Supernatural~~

Friday, July 22, 2011

One day in the world

 Aziraphale and Crowley from the great and awesome Good Omens.

 I saw this funny looking dude on YouTube, and because I am freaky like that, I drew him.
 We started watching Supernatural some time ago. It's... awesome <3

 Kiril ain't even mad~

 Kiril is the cutest kitty u3u  I actually have few more of these in my sleve, I just need to draw them.

 Samuel (the little dude at the bottom of the page) is half human, half forest spirit kind of thing. And Sam's mom likes to remember him. Sam doesn't want to hear.

 Pretty hoodoo-woodoo-shaman-witch-mommy <3
 We saw Kung Fu Panda 2, and it was great. God, those movies are great <3 But anyway, I wanted to draw the characters as humans. So, Viper and some random chick.
 Po and Tigress! Tigress is my favourite, she's so badass <3
 PONIES. Ponies are always awesome.

 Yeah. Potter. Never will get over the fact that the series is officially over, now that the last movie came out. I don't like the movies, but it still made my cry like a baby. So, after that, I decided to draw my faves, Sirius and Remus <3 Also, Draco, who is really cool too, is here too, but I am not happy with how he turned out. I have to re-draw him >:I
 So, Sam is a son of a witch, he is a witch himself. Because of that, he has (is) probably smoked some leaves and herbs in his life. To communicate with spirits and stuff.

 I swear to god, Kiril is the smallest thing on Earth.
 The triooo~ And what they are for. They make a pretty nasty team <3

 Proper profiles~ On the left there's Woo's Raven, Kwii's Aiden and my Samuel. This is actually first design of Sam, I later dropped the cheek tattoos.

 They hunt monstahs!