Monday, June 13, 2011

Government hooker

THIS POST IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Half naked men and such. Please, beware.
 My drug crew as chibies. ..I hate the word 'chibi' by the way.

 Some comic funess with my Kiril and Mort's Solinus.
 Kiril is young, handsome doctor, this oughta happen. And this is also the beautifullest thing I've ever drawn.

 Judas and Laura interacting. I'm continuing this. Sort of a short story.
 Kiril's new hobby: dancing around the house, half naked.
 Also. DAT ASS.
 One day, I decided to draw my machines as humans. Because it's fun. My Xbox 360 Slim is big and manly, because I've only played big and manly games with it (Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and New Vegas). PS2 on the other hand is cuter, because it's smaller in size and I've played games like Kingdom Hearts with it.
 My Bamboo Pen&Touch Tablet is sneaky artsy fartsy bastard, Creative Nano Zen mp3-player is fun and playful guy, Nokia something-something is kind of a nice guy, though slightly boring. And lastly my Acer coputer is hard working guy, but he has his flaws.
 Aliens. Predatory type.
 More aliens. Not so predatory :D
 The story behind this. I have a bad eyesight. New Vegas has pineapples in it. And sometimes I mistake pineapples as enemies and start shooting them, even though the radar shows nothing. And then Woodoo started joking that Noah (my Courier) is afraid of pineapples.
 Judas and Paris, the BFFs.
 This posts theme: half naked men. This time, Paris!
 Paris is extremely fun to draw <3
 Paris without his tattoos! He looks... very normal and sort of boring XD
 Always lovely Quinn <3
And Tony Stark.

And that would be all.