Monday, April 4, 2011

Nothing I have is truly mine

 Me and my friends had a 24 Hour Comic thingy, and I drew these. Comic translates:
"Kinda shitty, but I got it done!" / "I started at 11:00am and 23:45pm".
I didn't scan the comic (it's 17 pages long) but I will, some day.

 Very random dude.

 I got Dan LuVisi's awesome book "The Last Man Standing" to my hands, and I fell in love. So, here is my <s>shitty</s> drawing of the main character, Gabriel. He is lovely <3
 I had been awake for... 20 hours maybe, felt bit weird :I
 Kell is the newest addition to my Mass Effect original character cast. Quarians are awesome <3
 CAT FEVER! Maine Coons <3
 Anatomy practise. And Kyösti Pöysti from finnish animated tv-series "Pasila" :I WhatisthisIdon'teven...
 More ponies! Now my oc's Maddox, Pete and Quinn.
 Friend asked me to draw Ramona Fowers. So I did.
Ronin, from Dan LuVisi's "Last Man Standin". He is such a sweet heart <3