Monday, February 14, 2011

Small post~

 Character desings for one small illustration. Can't show the illustratio itself before it's online u_u
 We watched Dragonheart, which was cute and lovely ;w; And I have to say, the dragon was surprisingly well made! And it was so cuuute <3 So, I drew some dragons.
 This is Rafael's cute-as-a-button priest character for our mafia thingy OuO
 This is part of a Fallout 3 -meme I made, which can be seen here. I'm so pretty :D
Woodoo's awesome and epic doctor character. He's so coool *3* And then me and chibi Nikita.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's family business

 Family Business people! Me and my friends have this awesome "project" of sorts, about Russian and Italian mafia families co-operating against common enemy. So, here are some characters <3 MÃ¥rten belongs to woodooferret, Raewyn and Ebony are Korone's characters and Ivanna and Jon are property of Mizya.
 More FB characterrrss! Luca belongs to Kwii, Ilya is also Mizya's and Kiefer is Mort's character.
 Random dude, who curses that he forgot to buy cheese. And... My Little Ponies oTL Few days ago, I checked out the new My Little Pony animated series, because I was a huge MLP fan when I was younger. And I got hooked. BUT! It's well animated, new pony designs are good and it's actually quite good show, considering! (There might be some nostalgia factors talking also, but we don't care about those, pfft). So, I wanted to draw then as humans. Though, I have to say, that lack of the male characters bothers me >:I
 Rest of the girls. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are probably my favourite characters, though I like them all. Pinky Pie tends to be annoying, but she's SUPPOSED to be annoying, so it's all good. And the episode where Fluttershy's voice changed. I ALMOST DIED FROM LAUGHTER.
 You met Tony at the last post, so here are his tattoo reference sheet! He likes graphic tattoos more than the traditional ones.
 Sort of an wardrobe meme with Nikita. Yes, he sleeps naked U_U And no, I can't draw him naked, hence the towel.
 This was supposed to be way longer, with all summer time, winter, semi-formal and all those other clothes, but because Nikita is a simple man at the clothing department, it was impossible to do :I He probably owns two or three suits and couple of white dress shirts. And that's all.
And then I did it myself :I