Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update! Finally!

I haven't updated in a while. That's mainly because I have suffered sort of an art block. And when I have drawn, it's been with computer. So, no sketches. But today, I finally scanned my sketchbook!

Random people. I have a vague memory of wanting to draw a middle aged man. I think.

Ugly alien and Domino Harvey, since I watched movie "Domino". It's awesome.

 Tattoo design.
Solinus is awesome <3 Kiril is tooo <3

I don't remember why I did this, but well, my Shepard is like the most stubborn person in the world :D

Tattoo designs for a friend.

Mmyes. I like the bottom picture, VERY MUCH XD

Adam and Maddox

Some people in DA have made "horoscope IDs", which include both chinese and western signs. I wanted to try to do my own, but got bored. And if you didn't guess (if you didn't.. well, congrats..), I'm Snake and Gemini. The most cunning, two-faced and wisest signs of both horoscope charts :'D

Ah, sorry, this is in Finnish, but I'm too lazy to translate it. Maybe later. Happened at work. Stupid customer is stupid.

Re-drew the Ilius brothers. Hehe <3

And that's all for now, hopefully I manage to make a new update sooner.